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How do I prove that my ex-husband has assets?

Rocklin, CA |

My ex is in violation of our MSA. I have gone to court and demanded that he show his bank accounts but he simply didnt appear. I know for a fact that he has a bank account and a trust fund left to him by his mother. But I do not know how to show the judge that he has these assets since I dont have his acct. numbers or any paperwork proving the trust. His friends have told me he recived a large payout from the trust that would more than satisfy what he owes me. How do I prove that in court? My financial situation is dire and I need what he owes me to break even. I dont think I can afford to hire a private detective.

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If you aren't going to hire an investigator, it will be difficult. You should ask the court for the right to issue subpoenas and take his deposition perhaps. The court will not do the work for you. Getting a copy of his tax return will help you identify accounts by reviewing the interest/dividends earned. Good luck.

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You need to serve him with discovery and involve the court if the does not respond.

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