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How do I prove my innocence in this situation? info in the details box.

Rincon, GA |

A cop found 1 hydrocodone in my truck that wasnt mine, it was my dads from when he used it, it wasnt in a sack or bag or anything. My dad has prescriptions for them and he even said he would tell the court about it. The cop didnt drug test me or anything, just booked me and my friend in the jailhouse for the night. My question is how do I prove my innocennce?

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Hire an experienced lawyer and get them on the case. The lawyer can speak with your dad, line up needed evidence and go to bat for you with the court and prosecutor.


You have no obligation to prove anything. You father's prescription testimony will be helpful, but explaining how he might have had the pill bottle opened in the vehicle for it to have fallen out out might be tricky. Hope you do not proceed w/o a good criminal defense lawyer.

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Hire a great experienced lawyer.

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FIrst - There is no legal requirement for you to prove your innocence in the court system we have in the USA. If you were in England the burden would be on you to prove your innocence! In America, the State has the burden to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that you knowingly possessed the prescription medication in violation of the criminal statutes.

Second - I would advise you to retain the most experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney that is available to you ASAP. The attorney can then work to possibly resolve your case without the necessity of a trial, or if unsuccessful, prepare your defense for effective presentation at trial.

Although you are certain of your innocence, you should take every precaution to insure that justice is done --- and this would include investing in a criminal defense attorney! I hope this information has been helpful. Good Luck!!

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You don't have to prove you are innocent in this country. You are presumed innocent. The burden of proof is on the state/government to prove your guilt. That being said, if your dad can show he has a prescription and further he is willing to affirm the pill was his and not yours, that would go a long way to proving your innocence. If you were in knowing possession of your dad's hydrocodone that would be a problem. The crime of possession requires knowledge. The $64,000 question is, how did the pill get in the trunk of your car?



I am in agreement that the burden of proof should be on the state but when your a layman out here theres nothing further from the truth. If that were true then these people would'nt have to hire the best council money can buy. That is why we have so many convictions, because people will take a plea bargin instead of spending money they don't have for trial. I ts a travisty and a damn shame but that is the way of the world.l