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How do i prove emotional and physical abuse from my husband towards my kids and myself?

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a rundown of the situation is in 2006 our twins were taken from us because of shaken baby syndrome, and we have now reagined custody by taking classes, seeking medical help and doing everything asked of us. since that happened and the kids have returned home my husband is emotionally and physically abusive towards myself and the kids. how do i prove the abuse. 3 of the 4 kids are to young to speak up about it, and the oldest is 9 but i dont know if they would allow her to speak. i want to leave but cant risk the kids being given to him for he would hurt them. i just recently found employment but havenmt started working yet. if i left i would have a place to stay but no way to support them until i start my job. what do i do? how can i prove anything?

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One person if believed is sufficient.
You may try to get housing in a shelter while you begin the , to me , obvious divorec proceedings. The shelter may also provide some initial legal assistance.
Try the following as a link . › Virginia Homeless Shelters

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If you (and your children) are victims of domestic violence, then one recourse would be to file for a Protective Order -- which would allow you and the children to stay in your residence and would require that your husband not have contact with you or the children. If he a protective order were granted, then he will not get custody and, if there were any visitation granted, it would likely be court-supervised visitation (at a visitation center). You could then also file for child support.

While most legal aid providers do not represent people in divorce and custody type cases, many do provide free legal representation to victims of domestic violence. So, I would suggest that you contact your local legal aid agency and see if one of the attorneys there can assist you.

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