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How do I protect myself regarding threats from my wife to call the sheriff on me when I've done nothing to threaten or harm her?

Carmel Valley, CA |

My wife has called the sheriff one other time. They arrested and released me because I didn't touch her. She is having serious medical and psychological problems and has threatened to do this again.

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Tough question to answer. How do you prevent some one from making a false accusation? I think all you can do is sue them after you win the case .

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Move away and do not contact her. Ever. She's a danger to your freedom and to your future. That's the best way to deal with it.

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I'm sorry for your situation. Being in a marriage where you fear you'll be falsely accused of a crime must be very painful.

The truth is that you can't prevent her from making these allegations. You can leave your wife, as another attorney suggested, but that doesn't prevent her from making false allegations. You can try to get her help for her medical/psychological problems, if you think they're at the root of this behavior, but that doesn't mean she'll stop this behavior. Ultimately, she can make those false claims, and then you can seek remedies after the fact.

Given your circumstances, these answers probably don't make you feel any better about your situation. Good luck.

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If she iscalling you, use a answering machine or voice mail- Or report it to the police for permission to record. If necessary divorce her and subpeona her medical reports for a restraining order. Even Smokey the bear says stamp out smoking embers to avoid a forest fire.

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Stephen Ross Cohen

Stephen Ross Cohen


if she is doing this in front of you buy a pocket tape recorder