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How do I prevent the court from being distracted by ex's frivolous & untrue motions filed in response to my contempt filing?

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I have filed for contempt due to a long list of violations - mostly financial but also other non-financial items as well, and have proof of everything. I am requesting full legal due to his ongoing hostility, combativeness, & constant name-calling & insults via Our Family Wizard. In response, he is filing frivolous motions & counters galore - most of which are full of lies & half truths - claiming alienation & painting me in a very negative light. When family court rarely prosecutes perjury, how do I defend against lies & keep the court focused on the REAL issues that need to be addressed on behalf of my kids, and do so without going bankrupt? Money is tight for me but is no object for him which is why I filed to begin with - so he will pay as ordered! He's now using the law to harass me.

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By telling the truth and have witnesses to back up at least one of the lies she is telling.


Filings are a matter of right in court so you cannot prevent them. However judges give little credence to what the motion and replies say. They rely on the evidence. The key is preventing inadmissible evidence from gettimg in. That requires a lot of legal training. While you are entitled to represent yourself, I think I can guarantee you are going to lose witjout an attorney. The cost of losing may be 50 to 100 times the cost of the attorney.

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