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How do I present evidence at a family court hearing?

San Francisco, CA |

My ex and I have a child together and he currently wants to gain more visitation time, however, because of the terrible living conditions he is under right now, I do not want my son to be with his dad any longer than the fixed once a week schedule that we currently have. I would like to present pictures of the place he is currently living in and text messages that were sent to me. How do I go about with this?

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You will be charges with following the rules of evidence which can be found on line. If you want to present pictures, they should have dates on them and you must be able to testify as to time, place and manner of taking the pictures. If you want to present text messages, you will need to have them transcribed into written format by a court reported with verification and you need to take the phone with you showing the messages and testify that it is your phone and our phone number.'
Better, get and attorney.