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How do I postpone my devorce court date with no att?

Berryville, AR |

I have court date aug 3rd. I need more time to better my self and hire atty. I really need to Know what form i need and how to get it.

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Did you respond to the summons and complaint within thirty days of being served, if not you may have waived an answer and the hearing is for the final decree. If there are children involved the hearing may be for temporary custody and support ahead if the final hearing, if this is the case you might be able to ask the court for a brief continuance stating you wish to hire an attorney. Right away you should write a letter to the court; the letter should state the case name such as "John Smith v Marry Smith" and the case number which will start with DR. In the letter state that you respectfully ask the court for a brief continuance as you wish to hire an attorney and up until now you were unable to. You should hand carry it to the Circuit Court clerk and have it filed then hand carry a filed copy to the judge's office and see if you can get a continuance right there. Most court's give a little leeway when someone is without counsel, you may get scolded though for waiting so long. Good luck and I highly recommend you retain an attorney as soon as possible.


I agree with Ms. Hudson. You need to inform the court of your circumstances in writing. In the letter, you need to request a continuance so that you can retain counsel. I would recommend drafting the letter and hand delivering it first thing in the morning. Courts are typically more apt to grant a continuance if you have reached out to a particular attorney and can drop that attorney's name to the court. It's even better if you have retained that attorney and only need a continuance in order to give that attorney time to prepare. Feel free to drop me an email if you want to discuss in the morning.

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