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How do I persue the issue of just compensation for violations of my ex post facto and due process rights?

North Little Rock, AR |

The US Parole Commission has admitted to violating the above mentioned rights but mooted the issuse by releasing me from prison...yet said violations caused me to serve in excess of 12 years additional incarceration in max security federal institutions, is there a means whereby I can be compensated monetarily for this injury?

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You have not given enough information for me to express an opinion as to whether you have a good chance of succeeding on your claim. The US Government allows lawsuits under 42 USC sec 1983 to sue for damages for illegal and unconstitutional practices that violate your civil rights. Unfortunately, the US Government also asserts "sovereign immunity" in many cases, that could keep them from having to pay. You need to consult with an attorney who handles civil rights cases in your state, to maximize your chances of success.

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