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How do i pay off bad checks with out going to jail?

Lakeland, GA |

Its been over four years and got pulled over a month agao and did not know there were warrants i tink there are two felony ones and some under 400

i was charged with disrubtion of a school operation when i was 17 and i also want to save up all the money to pay all off at one time before turning my self in .I also take care of some one that is mentaly challanged so i can not afford to go to jail and now i live in the state of florida.But the checks were written in Georgia when i lived there.

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Best Answer

It appears that you may multiple warrants outstanding for your offenses. I agree that talking to an experienced local defense attorney will help you get a handle on what the expected outcome in your case could be. You need to find out how many warrants, where they are and what the charges are on each warrant.


You can inquire of an attorney in the county with the warrants what is owed. You attorney can see what sort of arrangemen the prosecutor or the court would be willing to accept.

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