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How do I obtain medical malpractice coverage information of my provider?

Jensen Beach, FL |

The lawyer has already sent a letter trying to obtain all the contact information and details about my provider's medical malpractice insurance. However, the provider has not responded by the deadline. Without filing a suit how do I obtain that information? Is there some kind of database that provides this information?

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You can go to the Florida Department of Health Website and go to "healthcare providers". Type in the name of the doctor and you will be provided info re: his or her insurance coverage and any previous disciplinary actions or lawsuits/ settlements. This can be extremely helpful information, depending on the nature of your claim.

You should confer with your attorney to discuss the status of your claim. As you may have been told, you first need to file a notice of intent to litigate with the doctor prior to being able to file a lawsuit.

Good Luck,

Robert E. Heyman, Esq.


Let your attorney get this information, that is why you hired them.

DISCLAIMER: David J. McCormick is licensed to practice law in the State of Wisconsin and this answer is being provided for informational purposes only because the laws of your jurisdiction may differ. This answer based on general legal principles and is not intended for the purpose of providing specific legal advice or opinions. Under no circumstances does this answer constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship.


I would suggest that you allow your attorney to handle any interaction with the insurance company. You are paying your attorney to represent you in this matter. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently cause problems for the claim moving forward. Good Luck.

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