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How do I obtain legal guardianship of my incapacitated husband?

Compton, CA |

He can not write or speak and he is in the hospital. His siblings are trying to take my home and are currently living there, they threw out my sister after she had lived there and took care of him for 30 years. Also, they have control of his income, he signed the documents while he had dementia and did not know what he was doing. Also, the signatures looks forge.

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Please consult a guardianship attorney. As a wife, you should have priority over your husband's siblings. Also, if you live in California - which it appears you do - it is a Community Property State and you have specific rights. You need to contact an attorney ASAP.


Ms. McMahon is right. You are well advised to seek a local guardianship attorney right away.

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In California, you seek a Conservatorship of the Person and/or Estate of an adult. My colleague is correct in that you should have priority as the spouse. You can start by having his doctor complete a Capacity Declaration (GC-335). You can find the form on But, you must have an experienced conservatorship attorney help you with this immediately.