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How do I notify my ex husband's lawyer with my intention to subpoena some of his family members in family court

Long Island City, NY |

After several months in family court the judge is having the final hearing for child support. She advise me about the option to subpoena some of his family members to contest some paperwork that he presented in court. I got the authorization to subpoena 4 people, signed and dated by the court but the judge told me i have to notify his lawyer of my intentions. I don;t have a lawyer representing me, so how do i notify his lawyer of my intentions?

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Attorney answers 2


You can write a letter to his attorney enclosing a copy of the subpoenas that you intend to have served on his family members. That will provide the adequate notice. Make sure that you hire a process server to serve the subpoenas, since they will do it properly and provide the appropriate witness fee that is required. If you were served with discovery demands asking for witness disclosure, make sure that you amend those to include the family members, if you haven't already included them in any responses that you have given. Good luck.


Send a letter to the attorney via regular mail and certified mail.