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How do I make sure that non custodial parent has to pay child support?

Hillsville, VA |

My son's paternal grandmother has primary physical custody of my son and I share joint legal custody with her. Her son lost custody because of a drug problem, he lives in the house with his mother and spends more time with my son than I do. She is going to take me for child support. What do I need to do to make sure that my son's father, even though he has no custody, has to pay his share of child support?

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If your son's father's parental rights have been terminated, he has no legal duty to pay child support. I encourage you to consult with an attorney who practices family law in your area.


I agree with the previous commenter, but if his rights have not been terminated you need to contact an attorney to asset you in making sure the father is included in a petition for child support payable to the child's custodian.

This is not legal advice, this is a general response that is only intended to be an analysis of the question and facts you have presented. This response does not create an attorney-client relationship, I am not your attorney. You must hire me and we must agree in writing to the representation to form an attorney-client relationship. I am only licensed to practice law in Virginia.

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