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How do I look up if a restraining order has been filed against me in CA?

Laguna Niguel, CA |

My ex GF drank a lot, to the point of puking and passing out often. One night she blacked out harder than I'd ever seen. I was really worried about her and shook her by the shoulders to see if she was responsive. She wasnt responsive. I stayed awake pacing between her and the TV monitoring her condition. At 330 am she come flying out of the bedroom saying I abused her. She's now saying shes going to file for a restraining order. How can she get one when I was only looking out for her? How do I defend myself? How do I find out if she's actually filed?

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If an application is filed with the court, you may be able to locate it by going through the court index of party names. You should immediately retain a defense lawyer if any papers are served on you.


You can check the Orange County Court system (link below) to see if there have been any applications for a restraining order.

A restraining order is not enforceable unless it is served on you, so you'll know if or when you're served.

You should protect yourself - say NOTHING to anyone about this situation. No facebook, twitter, text or email messages about this. Assume everything you say to anyone is going straight back to the police and the DA to be used against you. You don't say specifically what she's accusing you of, but I can only assume she thinks you did something sexually inappropriate to her while she was passed out. You are potentially under investigation for a criminal offense, so you need to consult with a defense attorney to discuss the situation.