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How do I legally get my belongings back from my ex-girlfriends house?

Vacaville, CA |

My ex-girlfriend and I broke up almost two years ago and agreed to split our belongings when I moved out of the house we lived in.

Approximately 6 months ago, I lost my job and my ex agreed to rent me a room temporarily, mainly because we have a child together. I brought my stuff back in her house (appliances and furniture) while I was there. But now that I have moved out, she is refusing to return my belongings and is also saying that I will be trespassing if I go to her house and get my stuff.

I want to get my belongings back and would like to know what to do legally. I have been paying my child support on time. I am also in the court process of applying for 50/50 child custody for our daughter.

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This sounds like a criminal issue. Perhaps a landlord-tenant issue as well. Its not really a family law issue.

Best of luck to you.

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Tough situation. If she is honest, no problem. If she is dishonest, big problem. Send her a registered letter telling her you want your belongings and ask her for details on when you can pick them up. When she replies try to pick up your belongings. Save all correspondence. If this does not work, take her to small claims court.

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