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How do i know what class felony i have?

Soledad, CA |

Possesion of a controlled substance in a prison.

I have never been convicted of a crime before. My arraignmet is next week. Would a public defender be a good move? I have no money to pay an expensive lawyer. I paid to be bailed out because my son needs his mother in his life. I am currently a student in college. If I were to get time in jail, would a judge allow me to finish my college semester before encarceration? Am I most likely to get jail or prison time? Taking into consideration that this is my first offense, Is it possible that I might not get any jail time?

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In general, felonies in California are not divided by class. Some have degrees (such as murder and burglary), but possession of drugs is a felony.


You should absolutely request the services of a public defender. This should be what every person charged with a crime should do if they cannot afford to hire private counsel. You have never been convicted before and you hope to not make this your first. A criminal defense lawyer (public or private) SHOULD explain the charges, defenses, rights, and potential consequences to his or her client.

Good Luck!

Daniel A. Flores