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How do I know if someone is definitely a citizen?

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I am not sure if my ex definitely received her citizenship. She assaulted me and faces trial next week. Can I ask her attorney about that? or should I speak to the court that this is out of and ask them about it? I want to know if she's at risk for deportation therefore I need to exactly what her citizenship status is. How do you suggest I go about finding this information out accurately?

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If your ex has an attorney, then that attorney would usually be responsible for advising her regarding deportation risk. If you are the opposing party it is almost certain that they will not give you any more information.

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There is no comprehensive way to answer this question. There are a few things you could do that might give some hint:

If this person is being held in jail, and the police or sheriff have reason to suspect that they are in the country illegally, they might place an 'ICE hold' on the person, and have them held (for up to an extra 48 hours) while Immigration and Customs Enforcement interviews them about their status. In that case, the hold will show up on the jail's inmate database, if there is one.

Immigrants also have the right to ask the government for their own alien file. If your ex is totally undocumented, then she won't have one, but if she was here legally on some sort of visa, then she would. You can't ask for her file from the government, but if you were engaged in litigation against her - say, because you sued her for assault - you could request it. You might have to show why her alien status was relevant to your cause of action.

Otherwise, I'm out of ideas. There is no comprehensive U.S. database for citizenship, and your ex or her lawyer are under no obligation to answer the question for you otherwise.

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There is no way for you to find out. You need to move on with your life instead of obsessing over her immigration status.

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