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How do I know if I have a lawyer or not?

Hartford, CT |

My lawyer was suspended in other courts, but I've received no word about the federal court I'm in. My lawyer did not appear at a hearing, did not file anything, did not respond to me or my request to assign me as pro se counsel so I could move to appoint counsel. The Court won't let me file anything, saying that I have a lawyer. But if I only have an unresponsive lawyer, do I really have a lawyer, or more importantly, what can I do to avoid impending dismissal ?

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Don't worry about the fine points of whether you have a lawyer or not. Hire another lawyer immediately. Any competent lawyer familiar with Federal practice will know how to deal with this situation. Don't try to do it on your own.



Thanks. I should have mentioned that for reasons I do not fully understand -- whether it's me or the case that is unattractive -- no other lawyer seems to be willing to take the case. I've called at least a dozen.