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How do I know if I have a good real estate lawyer?

Fort Worth, TX |

What are the keys things to look for when hiring a a good real estate lawyer?


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Experience for openers. But a lot depends on what your situation is and what you hope to accomplish. Interview a few attorneys to see how compatible you are with one or more of them.

Keep in mind the old saying that there are horses for courses. So, depending on your specific needs, you may need a different attorney.

Good luck.

John B. Stutt

John B. Stutt


You can ask about his experience. How long has he practiced real estate law? Has he been a landlord himself? Does he represent landlords? Does he have amiable relationships with a number of brokers in the area? Does he know the tendencies of the judges who would hear a real estate issue in the county of the property? Does he know real estate appraisers who can give an independent appraisal? Does he know surveyors who can survey a property with an encroachment issue? Does he know reputable property inspectors? Does he know inspectors for radon and lead paint issues? Real estate lawyers can be valuable resources for checking out the good and bad characteristics of any purchase.