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How do I know if I am in a domestically violent relationship?

Miami, FL |

Just because we have a bad few fights is it considered a domestic violence? Doesn't all couple go through fighting and arguing? How do I know if I am in a domestically violent relationship?


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You should contact your local domestic violence center. Below is infomation about domestic violence provided by miami dade county.

The answering of this question is just friendly advise, and in no way legal advise. For legal advise you should contact an attorney with detailed information about your situation, so he or she can better assist you.


All couples certainly do not go through fighting and arguing, but it isn't uncommon. You are in a domestically violent relationship when violence occurs. No violence should occur in a relationship. The larger question Is whether you are in an abusive relationship, which is more of a sliding scale based on several factors which happen consistently. Here are some of the factors I would suggest. I don't know how many of these it takes or how often you have to experience them before a relationship is "abusive," but these factors are just here to give you ideas:

Are there threats to kick you out?
Are there threats to take the children?
Are there threats of violence?
Are there restrictions from contact with others?
Does you significant other control all the money?
Does your significant other accuse you of cheating often?
Does your significant other often go through your emails and cellphone when there is no evidence of cheating?
Does your significant other hate your friends?
Are there threats to kick you

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