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How do I know a collection agency owns my debt still?

Seattle, WA |

I found out that I have a small debt that was sold to a collection agency in 2011. I got the name of the agency from the company I originally owed, so I know they DID own they debt - but since it's been a while, I was wondering how I can make sure they have not sold it? They never tried to collect and there is nothing on my credit report - I checked all 3 bureaus. I just want to call and pay the whole thing - but I don't want to find out later that they sold it to another company. If they provided validation, wouldn't that just show that they bought it originally? Should I ask them to email me confirmation that the debt is theirs before I pay? I just want to pay as soon as possible so they don't decide to report it. So I want to make it convenient for them if I can.

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If it is not on your credit and they are not calling, best not to pursue it, However, should you feel that this was a poor response, call the collection agency, get their full legal name, check for registration with the secretary of state in the state they are located, get a written agreement with the original credit account number and pay the debt.