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How do I keep my new address and job information confidential from family court?

Bronx, NY |

I have 2 children by a female that I had no relationship with . I have given money from day 1 to support the kids, she has only taken me to court for child support because I refused to leave my wife for her I have paid the order on time for the past 2 years I recently moved out of state to avoid her harassment and wanted to know since my address was confidential from the court because I have a restraint order against the mother of the 2 children, now that I have moved can she get that information and can the courts try and garnish my Out of state job even if I'm paying the support agency directly and on time? I want no contact with this women or kids she has started nothing but violence and harassment of my wife and other kids. She also has a friend who work in the court house.

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You do not necessarily need to disclose job information, unless same is requested by the mother. You may fill out an address confidentiality affidavit if you wish to keep your address confidential.

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