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How do I inform the other parent about a local move?

Sandpoint, ID |

Again I ask this question.
I am the custodial parent and live with children in Idaho and my ex lives in Arizona. We just bought a house in the same school district, What form do I need to file with the court to notify her of the move?
What is proper notification in Idaho to the other parent then? An email, phone call, registered letter and how do I inform the court? I have looked everywhere for the answer to this simple question and cannot find it.

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As I told you three days ago when you asked the same question: "Unless your custody order requires something special, there is no such form. The new contact information should be provided to the other parent without delay." Only you know how you effectively communicate with the other parent. If there is a chance notice would be denied, then do it in some way that preserves a record, such as by email. There reason there is no "answer to this simple question" is that there isn't one, unless it is included in your existing order. When it is not, parents are expected to behave reasonably.

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