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How do I inform my employer of my disability (ADHD) in accordance with ADA?

Atlanta, GA |

I've had ADHD for almost two decades now. I've finally found a good job, and my coworkers are awesome. I've always fidgeted, moved around, stood up, and had a ton of difficulty maintaining a "one track" conversation (friends used to call me 8-track).

I was at a training a short time ago, and was threatened by a coworker with my job for moving around. I disclosed my ADHD during the interview, and since then I feel like one of my peers that was involved in the interview(who also oversees a lot of my work) continues to make a joke out of my disability. It has gotten to the point where he is sending reports to the Boss about my "inability to focus" and "maintain normal conversation." Worse, he tried to get into a fist fight with me over a professional disagreement.

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I would recommend that you complain in writing to your employer's human resources department about the co-worker's harassment based on your disability. If your employer does not have a human resources department, you should complain to your supervisor. You should make sure to state in your complaint that you are being harassed because of your disability and provide some examples. Your employer would then be obligated to investigate your claims and take prompt and effective action to end the harassment. Should your employer fail to do so, or if you are retaliated against for complaining, you would have a good legal claim.

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