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How do I have a lien removed from a bank account. Debt is paid

Arlington Heights, IL |

our bank accounts were frozen last thursday. I called the law office that was representing Discover Card. They said the only way to unfreeze the accounts was to pay the debt or wait for the court date. I was able to get a cashiers check to them Friday morning. I called Friday afternoon, the check had not moved. I called Monday, they said it could take up to 10 days to unfreeze the account. What recourse do I have? The debt is satisfied. I have bills to pay and we have no access to any money.
Thanks for any help.

I did take the info to the bank and I did ask the lawyer to fax a letter to the bank. The bank would not accept my proof of payment and the lawyer for discover did not fax the letter until I called 3 times. They then said the bank would not accept a letter, it had to be a motion to dismiss signed by a judge. I'm asking if I have any recourse. Can they take their time and notify the bank whenever they get around to it, because that's what's happening.

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Also, have you asked the attorney for Discover to write a letter to the bank? After receiving a cashier's check from a debtor, I fax a letter to the bank directing the bank to release the account.


Take the proof of payment of the judgment directly to the bank to see if they will act on your behalf.

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