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How do I have a dealer replace a windshield on a used car I bought from them?

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I just bought a car from a used car lot in litiz,Pa yesterday. Upon, driving the car home I noticed a crack in the windshield that I did not notice at the dealer because they had a Carfax sticker over top of it. I called the owner and he said he did not do it intentionally and that he would have it filled. I took the car back over and now he is saying that it already was filled and there was no sticker that covered it up. Is there anyway I can have him replace the windshield?

**I don't have comprehensive insurance, so any glass repairs will be paid out of pocket.

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You can call your insurance carrier and see if its covered under the policy, if so, they might try to recover the costs from the dealer after indemnifying you. Note, you may have to contribute a deductible. You can also try to recover the cost of repair from the dealer. Since the dealer is denying liability you may have to pursue legal action. A number of legal principles may be helpful (i.e. breach of warranty, breach of contract, misrepresentation). Another alternative is to seek recession of the purchase from the dealer (i.e. return the vehicle as a non-conforming good). Finally, you might be able to seek assistance with the attorney general’s consumer affairs office.

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He's going to dislike you for bugging him and you will dislike him for poor customer service. With a little luck hopefully, this will be the ONLY thing that ever goes wrong with this car...



The check engine light also came on the day I bought it and it needs a sensor and something else. I asked him if he could reimburse me for the the sensor I had to buy and how else we could resolve these issues. He basically told me I wad being petty and gave me the run around. It's so frustrating. There is also nothing he can do about the windshield.


Argue, complain, get repair estimate and file in your local small claims court if you have to.

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