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How do I go about this MIP case in a Michigan court?

Kalamazoo, MI |

One week ago, a police officer came to my residence and asked for the owners of the town home. My room mate and I both stepped out to talk to the officer. There was not a party at my house, just five friends. My room mate and I admitted to having 2 drinks and both got MIP's. The next week we were driving and got pulled over for speeding. The officer pulled the driver out of the car assuming we had alcohol because we were going to visit a college for the night. As the driver was intimidated, he fessed up to having alcohol in the car. We got MIP's once again. This is two in a week. We got the second one before we had court for the first one. Can I still get both off my record with a lawyer? Will my license get suspended? Will I have to remain in the state? Im 19 and have a clean record.

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You definitely got yourself into a mess with 2 MIP's within a week. The judge will not be thrilled to see that. You MUST get an attorney to help you. You do not want to risk your record by trying this on your own. It will follow you even when you move back home out of state (if you are from out of state). That being said, yes, it is possible that you could have to remain in Michigan as the judges oftentimes require you to stay in Michigan as part of the bond conditions. You would generally have to get the court's permission to leave. Then, if you are convicted and have probation as part of your sentence, you would likely have the same requirement (to get your probation officer's permission to leave the state).

There are some things that can be doen but make sure you pay the extra money and get a lawyer to help. I wish you luck!

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Edward Jacob Sternisha

Edward Jacob Sternisha


Oops! Sorry about the typo! I meant "There are some things that can be done..." Feel free to call if you have any other questions! Good Luck!


You definitely need to listen to Attorney Sternisha. He is right on, and I completely agree that you want to retain an attorney. If you were only facing one MIP then there would be no real issue; however, this is and can be an issue for you, a very big issue.

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