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How do i go about suing someone?

Fort Worth, TX |

Im a manager and i just fired a girl. Her mother started punching me in the face and then she started punching me in the face. I have like five witness what do i do?

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Call the police. If you sustained injuries serious enough that you would want to pursue a claim, contact a local personal injury lawyer.

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If you were injured, consult with a local attorney.

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If you are asking how you go about suing someone representing yourself, my answer would be: You don't. The reason for this is that you don't know how to do it and, therefore, you would almost certainly do it incorrectly and lose. If your case is worth pursuing, you will be able to hire a lawyer who knows how to handle it. If you can't find a lawyer who is willing to handle it, this very likely means that it isn't worth pursuing, in which case you should try to forget the incident and go on with your life.

Keep in mind that what you describe is an intentional tort and, therefore, highly unlikely to be covered by any form of liability insurance. Therefore, unless the women who punched you are wealthy, the chances of ultimately getting any money out of them are poor, even though they may owe the money.

Good luck.

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