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How do I go about setting up mediation to resolve a condo by-law rule infraction with the property manager for my condo?

Hilliard, OH |

I have received a reply to try and settle lack of the condo association/property manager following their own by-laws. I would much rather the property manage resolve this issue 1 on 1. But I don't see that happening. How do I go about setting up mediation and is it binding on both parties?
I live in Hilliard Village condos in Hilliard, Oh and the "handbook" is available on line The problem is no one is plowing the snow or salting the roads even thou it says they will in the handbook.

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The "handbook" that you are referencing is likely not the same thing as the Condominium Declaration/By-laws. I took a quick peek in the recorder's office and I see a Declaration that was recorded in 1992 along with 36 amendments - I imagine your handbook does not encompass all of that. Furthermore, the handbook references a mechanism for handling disputes between unit owners, but not between unit owners and management or the association, which is what you would be looking for. I would suggest that you start by putting your complaint in writing, citing the provision of the handbook you believe is being violated, and request that property management remedy the situation. If that doesn't work you may want to hire an attorney to review the declaration, amendments and other documentation and contact property management/the association on your behalf. Best of luck to you!

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