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How do I go about seeing my kid after 3 year Pfa expires?

Pottsville, PA |

My son was takin from me by his mother when he was 3 1/2 . She moved away with her new boyfriend and we couldn't find her for a year. We found the city of where she was and went there and contacted the authorities. When she found out we found her she slapped a 3 year pfa on my alleging I tried to break in her house and I harmed my child when he was younger. No pictures or proof that any of this happend, but because I got angry in the court room the judge granted it. Well the Pfa expires in feb 2013. My son will be 8 which I haven't seem him since he was 3 1/2. We had a custody order when she took off. So when Pfa is up how do I go about seeing my son I don't want her to make up some bull and get it extended . Please help

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Because of how heated things are between you and your ex-, I believe you would be wise to retain counsel to approach her (or her attorney, if she has one) about resuming visitation with your son. In addition, I believe you and your son would both likely benefit from re-unification or reconciliation therapy with a qualified therapist. Although that will cost you some money, I have personally seen it yield great benefits. In addition, if your son's mother were to push for such therapy, the court would probably order that it take place.

Where does your child now reside? That will probably dictate where your legal case should occur and where you should begin your search for a lawyer.

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