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How do I go about re-opening a case once it has been closed?

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Supposedly, my brother commited suicide in 1994.He was in his home. He and his current girlfriend/fiancee were the only two people looked in his bedroom at the time of the incident. The fiancee said that he took a shotgun and shot himself in the face, cause she revealed to him that she didn't want to be with him any longer and she was going back to her ex-boyfriend. The SBI in the county where he lived said that they investigated, and closed the case as a suicide. I and numerous other people believe that it was a murder instead of a suicide. Now, because it has been 18 years, is there anything that can been done?

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That would be up to the local or state police/law enforcement. It would not likely involve a wrongful death civil suit in any way.


Many state bureaus of criminal apprehension have cold case units that look into unsolved or questionable deaths. I would advise that you need more than just suspicion to turn this agency into this case. You need some new evidence that places into question the cause of death.


A civil case for money damages would be barred by the statute of limitations. A criminal case for murder has no such limitation, but it would be up to the DA and police to arrest and prosecute.

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