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How do I go about getting the correct terminology about my daughters mothers not supporting or seeing her in over a year?

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I was told that there was a term for a noncustodial parent not seeing my child in over 9 months and we are going to mediation next week, I wanted to know the correct way to approach the mediator. So that they would understand that my daughter shouldn't be objected to her mothers childish behavior of coming and going in her life whenever she pleases. We have had custody of my daughter for over 3 yrs now (since she was 4 yrs). Out of all those years she has missed 2 of them. My daughter is in sports, perfect in school and happy. I just don't want to see her hurt anymore.

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It is very clear that you need legal counsel to help navigate this situation. I would contact Amy Lambert, (512) 472-1919, and schedule a consult. She can get you on track. It may be a situation wherein you need to seek termination based upon the mother's abandonment or step-up access based upon the recommendations of a therapist. God's speed.

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