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How do I go about getting my child support adjusted? I was recently fired from my job and now am on unemployment.

Gig Harbor, WA |

I have four children. My monthly child support is $850. My annual income for last year was $98,000. My child support has not been adjusted since the divorce was finalized in 2005, nor has my ex requested it to be. I was recently fired from my job and I am now attempting to draw unemployment. If approved, my unemployment benefit would be $574 per week, or $2296 monthly. My question is......can I contact DCS to have the child support amount adjusted accordingly, or am I best off to leave it be as is?

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It seems you have some number crunching to do. You'll want to work through the child support worksheet. Most Family Law attorneys have software that can calculate child support quickly. I suggest hiring one to do the math for you. I've listed a good publication for understanding the process and how the support is ultimately determined in WA state.

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