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How do I go about getting itemized information on AND contesting a $4580.00 Corporate Advance Charge on my mortgage statement?

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Have always paid my mortgage each month (ON TIME) and have never been foreclosed on or in bankruptcy. Recently had a lien against the house that was lifted (contractor who didn't pay his subs created this issue). My mortgage statement appeared one day with fees in the amount of $4580. No explanation, no itemization, no forewarning, no hint that anything was going on where there were charges being applied to my account.

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You have a right under "RESPA" to make a qualified written request "QWR"
A more detailed explanation can be found at the guide:
There is also a part 2. Good luck!


Consider sending a Qualified Written Request (letter) by certified mail at the address they have told you they receive such requests. In your letter be sure provide your loan # and your address and other contact info. Date the letter and tell them your story about what happened and request that they investigate your dispute and respond to you in writing. Send your request by certified mail return receipt so you can prove they received it. Be sure to keep a copy of your letter. Under RESPA they have a duty to acknowledge your request within 20 business days mthey must investigate and respond to your request within 60 business days.

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