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How do I go about finding a good therapist do to a 730 evaluation in Sacramento county?

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I need a therapist to do a 730 evaluation on my sons father. I believe him to be a sociopath and possible pedophile. The father got frequent erections while holding or playing with our child as an infant and would refuse to hand him over to me sometimes while keeping him on his lap. He did admit to the erections, but said they were not due to sexual urges. The fcs counselor was completely taken with him and did not take any of this seriously. She also gave him excuses and stated that it was basically ok for him to have raped me stating "well it is hard for a man to stop." The father has supervised visitation right now, but our next court date is soon and it seems that he "fools" most women that he comes into contact with and plays the victim. Think Scott Peterson the second. Please advise.

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The Court may have a list of people they recommend. You can talk to local attorneys and therapists and people with cases for recommendations. Good luck.


The court will help if not appoint the individual to perform the evaluation.


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The court should have a list of referrals. You can also do an internet search and review resumes. Interview them and see how often they are in court, etc. Also, ask a local family law attorney.

Try retaining a family law attorney if you are dealing with a difficult father. If you can't afford a fully retained attorney, see if an attorney will handle the case on a limited scope basis for some help with dealing this father.

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Courts generally have a panel of experts they use. Contact the court first. You may want to consult with local counsel as they may know an expert more suited to your situation.


The clerk in the department where the matter is assigned. See who your judge likes and trusts to make good sound recommendations. The clerks are a great source of info. Go there late in the afternoon when they aren't too busy - after 3 pm.

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