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How do I go about filing a law suit against a auto repair shop.

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My car was over heating, so I called a repair shop to come pick it up and repair it. They came and picked it up and said I needed a new engine. Quoted m a price of $2800.00 to replace the engine and said it would be ready in about a week. So they called the next week and said we needed to replace the water pump and that would be another $650.00, so we said okay. Thy never called back to say it was ready so we called. They said they were test driving it and it should be ready by 5:00pm no call. So they are closed. So the next day we call we need a radiator. $325.00 more dollars ad it will be ready in about 3 hours. When I come pick it needs a transmission, $1400.00 more dollars. Now the transmission never had a problem now it's not shifting. They refuse to fix the problem.

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You need to check on your local small claims limit, and while this likely exceeds the amount, you may want to limit your suit to the limit of that court since you will not need an attorney. You're going to need an automobile expert to testify that the work was performed improperly and that you were overcharged. Not an easy case, even with an attorney.

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Your best bet is to contact an attorney in your area-- take your documents, voicemails, notes, bills, invoices etc to that attorney and consider filing a suit after discussing you options. Much will turn on the contract you signed with the facility, the written estimates they provided etc.

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Auto repair cases are tough, as the other attorneys have said. You need to meet with a local consumer attorney. Look at the NACA directory online.