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How do i go about collecting reward money owed to me when my lawyer is ignoring my calls?

Huntington Beach, CA |

lawyer set up a payment plan $170.00 per wk. to exceed the amount of $68,000 - i received appr. 96 wks. which amounts to less than i am owed. on 3 occations i have received instructions to meet lawyer at workmans comp office to get this fixed. When i get there he tells me the same story,that he spoke with the adjuster and they are working on it and to go home,he will be intouch. that has been 3 mos. ago,and he will not return my calls or allow me to set up a meeting. his secretary sent me a print out of payments made to me which makes no sense at all. they have payments of thousands of dollars paid to me in the print out for various months. it looks like a third grader did this. i need help to make the insurance company to pay what they owe.

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Maybe it is time to change attorneys, and find one that will help you for new money. Most likely, your current attorney does not see any further financial incentive (although there is probably an ethical obligation) to spend more time on it. I might be able to help you, as could many other Orange County Attorneys, but there are undoubtedly missing facts that you are withholding. Once the Carrier put you on Auto-Pay, the checks would usually continue unless you moved or your condition changed. For example, if you have a new surgery, you cannot collect Temp Total Disability and Permanent Disability at the same time. You would only get one benefit at a time.

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Didn't you ask this very same question the other day? I think you've corrected your math but it sounds like the same question asked last week. Same answers would apply.