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How do i go about changing to my maiden name next week when i get divorced in morris county, nj? do i fill out a form?

Parsippany, NJ |

I was told to type it on a final judgement document? that form doesn't show a spot to put it on.. or do I just tell them when I get to court? please help.. I am so confused and don't want to mess anything up that day.. will be overwhelming enough.. thank you

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You need to go to a law library to research your forms, The county in which you live normally has one pretty close to the courthouse


If you will be appearing in Court, tell the Judge that you want to amend your complaint to include a name change. If you are preparing the Final Judgment of Divorce, just include language for this relief above the Judge's signature. The Court can add it if you do not prepare it in the Final Judgment, or the Court may tell you to send in an Amended Judgment with the correct language. The Judge will question you about why you are changing your name to ensure that it is not for fraud, to avoid creditors or to avoid criminal prosecution. If none of those reasons exist, the Judge should allow you to resume your maiden name. Good luck.


YOu include the language in the judgement. As simple as that.

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