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How do I go about changing the payee of my dependent son's social security check into my name? It is currently in fathers name.

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I need to find out if I am at all entitled to have my dependent sons social security changed into my care. I am not married to his father, but until present have been cohabiting with for 13 plus year. Our decision to raise him under the same roof is not an option any longer. So I intend to gain custody but the father is not cooperating and says that I have no right to these benefits that are paid via bank account in which his father charges over. How do I go about obtaining charge over this benefit. His father is considered legally blind. Do I need to get a protection order to keep his father from driving w/ the child in the car. He has already had his night time privleges revoked driving wise and has had two minor accidents w/minor damages.Both times his lack of eyesight were to blame

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Normally, the parent who has custody is designated the payee. So, once you win custody you can advise Social Security of that fact and asked to be named payee.

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