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How do I get Walmart to leave me alone?

Weatherford, OK |

In April 2010 We were stopped out side of Walmart for Items that were not paid for. It was my fault. I was in so much pain from having surgery I was rushing to get out of the store. We were stopped for items that were behind my diaper bag.. and for shoes that the register attendant forgot to scan. We even handed her the tag and she admitted that we handed it to her. We were allowed to pay for the items and leave the store. The security officers and police officers saw that I was in so much pain and bleeding from my wound that we did not mean to leave the store with the items. Now Walmart will not leave us alone and they are sending letters claiming that we owe 550.00 or they will sue us. Please Help I just want them to leave my family alone.

They have been hounding us for over 2 years. I do not want to sue them for money I just want them to leave my family alone.

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That sounds pretty suspicious to me. Writing you letters trying to squeeze money out of you is not what I would expect Walmart to do. It sounds like a scam artist to me, not Walmart. You should call the company headquarters directly (not the number on the letters they are sending you) to verify they are coming from Walmart.

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