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How do I get wage assignment stopped in Texas

Fort Worth, TX |

My son is 18 and will graduate in June. My child support is already paid until that time. There should have been no deduction for child support on my May 1st military retirement check, but there was. I checked my statement and it shows the allotment for child support to be "indefinite". Who is responsible for correcting this? The child support office and attorney general both show a credit balance on my account, but have done nothing.

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Contact the Child Support office and request that they review your case. They will need to verify that your son has actually finished high school, but they can put a definitive ending date in your file. Once they discover their mistake, they will return the funds to you. Please note that the system has it's flaws; sometimes you have to seek a court order to terminate the withholding order and sometimes they reimburse and expect payment from the parant who received the excess funds. The Child Support Office should be your first step, though.