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How do I get to adopt my grandson?

Orlando, FL |

I have been taking care of my grandson for 4 yrs(mom is in jail for life) father has been in and out of jail ( don't know of his whereabouts now for 4 yrs) why can't it be a simple adoption by abandonment?

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It appears that you have a very good case of abandonment and you should contact an attorney to handle this matter so that your grandson can be leagally secure in your custody. In Florida, birth parents that desire to establish and/or protect their parental rights are expected to pay a fair and reasonable amount of the expenses incurred in connection with the child and establish a relationship with the child. We attempt to locate and contact birth fathers (and birth mothers) to see if they will voluntarily cooperate with the adoption and sign a consent or affidavit of nonpaternity. If not, we will ask that the court waive the parent's consent and process the adoption.

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If the mother is serving a life sentence and the father has disappeared, and you have had custody for the last 4 years, your petition to adopt would probably be granted. However, service of process or proof of a good faith attempt to effect service required in the absence of written consents by the biological parents. It will require a formal court proceeding.

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