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How do I get this civil judgement off of my credit?

Philadelphia, PA |

A car accident occured with my ex mother in law in 02. We were all on the same policy, so it went through our state farm insurace. I was divorced in 1/05 (out of the house in 2/04). Just saw a civil judgement on my credit report. My divorce lawyer says she needs a 2000 retainer fee to go at my ex because she never mentioned this judgement at the time of divorce (which she was supposed to). How can I get this off of my credit report without having to pay the 2000? Also, if my ex has not paid this judgement (filed in 4/05), how can I expect to get my retainer fee back from my lawyer (said we'd go after the ex for lawyer fees as well as credit report correction fees)..Please help, I am looking for a house and this looks bad on the credit!

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You have two options: First, dispute the judgment as not yours. This means you are challenging the validity of the judgment. A dispute is done by filing a dispute letter directly with the credit bureaus (you can search online for their sites). If the civil judgment is not verified, then it will be removed by the credit bureaus. Your second option (if the first option was unsuccessful) is to pay the judgment. This will not remove the negative mark from your credit history, but will report as a ‘satisfied judgment’. Some lenders are more inclined to overlook this mark if it shows ‘paid’ and with some explanation. You now have a $2000 claim against the ex if court documents show he lied or was responsible for paying this amount. This should help you with your house situation. Thanks. Richard Cruz, Esq..