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How do I get theft off my record??

Minneapolis, MN |

I stole a pair of shoes in April of 2009 and i went to court, had to pay 55.00 for the shoes to Kohls, 50.00 for the court fee and 125.00 for probation for a misdameanor and 60.00 for this class that is a responsible thinking class. When i was in court the judge told me that since i had no prior offenses and since i pleaded guilty she would give me 6 months probation and after the 6 months if i havent reoffended, it would drop down to a petty misdameanor.. it has been 6 months with no reoffending. I applied for a job and the background check didnt pass... so i was wondering if there is anyway i can get this off my record?

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Check out the following websites, and then call an experienced MN defense lawyer with any specific questions. Good luck.

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A person who is charged with a crime, where probable cause has been found can petition the court for an expungment of public government records under Minnesota Statutes Chapter 609A, if their case was (1) juvenile certified as an adult; (2) certain 1st time drug cases; or (3) others where the case was resolve din favor of the accused, which courts have interpreted to mean no guilty plea and no conviction. If you plead guilty, then perhaps the statute won't help you.

I'm not sure how a guilty plea with six months probation could end up being a petty misdmemeanor, but if the judge said that, it would probably be worth the effort to confirm that has been done on your court record, and perhaps seek a court order from that judge accordingly. There might be a way to clean up your record some, but it will not be simple or easy - because you plead guilty. See links below FFI:

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