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How do i get the help i need?I know i have a case.

Spencer, OH |

I have been trying to contact a layer and nobody will call me back?Three months ago i had a rutine ultrasound;cause i had not stoped bleeding since the birth of my child.Becaues the hospital sent my results to the wrong doc i didnot recive the results, untill i went myself to get them.they said that after the ultrasound they requested an HCG blood test cause it showed in my urin that i was pregnant.Again it wasn't untill three month later i was informed.Since then and up intill now i have had oral surgary witch includer x-rays, i was put under and i was medicaded with drugs.Now recently i have been to the doctor and i was informed of an threatend miscarraged.Thats all,they keep giving me the run around.I dont even know if my child is alive or how old it is, im having nigthmares PLEASE HELP

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Filed under: Medical malpractice
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Go TODAY to a qualified ob/gyn physician! You need a medical diagnosis at this point, not a legal one. See what is going on. DO NOT LEAVE UNTIL YOU KNOW EXACTLY AND UNDERSTAND EXACTLY what your diagnosis is.


It is important that you get the medical answers as soon as you can. You may want to seek out a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to work with you on this due to the x-rays and the delays. This information will be important to any lawyer that you retain because it will determine what if anything can be done for you legally. Please keep in mind that there are time deadlines to filing a lawsuit, so you should keep that in mind as you proceed so you do not let too much time pass before retaining an attorney. Good luck to you.


I agree with Mr. Brinkmeier, you need to get medical help and worry about legal issues later. Anemia is very serious. Go to a local ER right away.

Betsey Herd
Tampa, Florida

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