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How do I get subpoenas to banks if pro se?

Miami, FL |

Banks don't give info on single, joined or my ex accounts. I need to know where he hid the moneys after divorce. I have no Alimony or Child Support since divorce in 2009. I have the account numbers but the legal depts at banks tell me that they won't give me anything with out subpoenas. I once applied as indigent and got it. Needles to say I have no money for all these. Do I have to open a case or file a lawsuit to have a case No.? Do I need to file a non objection and notice of production of docs.?
My ex was involved in theft and now is incarcerated. Banks don't give me information maybe because they argument that is in conflict of interest with plaintiff (the bank for which he worked for and won).

How do I file a lawsuit? What do I need and what do I put in? One for each entity? The Court in Miami also need a Certificate of non objection. What is that?

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You have to file a lawsuit to get subpoena issued. Contact your state office for child support collection. They can help you establish child support

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I guess the only thing for you to do is to see the child support enforcement people at the department of revenue. They might be able to see you and get something started on this within a few months. Otherwise, you will have to pay the clerk to issue subpoenas, at #10 each, and also pay the sheriff for service of process upon the banks, at $40 each. You can do this within the divorce case, and you should also file motions for contempt and have hearings. One thing to do is submit requests for discovery from third parties. You can read the rules on this and do it right.

R. Jason de Groot, Esq.,


In Florida, you need to file a law suit in order to have the clerk issue subpoenas. In this case, contact DOR to help you out.