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How do I get spousal support ordered, when it wasn't ordered during the court hearing?

Holbrook, AZ |

I was in a default divorce hearing, I was in default. Spousal support was not ordered to either party. My ex-husband and I were married for 22+ years. I supported him while he got his bachelor's and masters degrees. I supported him in his profession as a minister throughout the marriage. I worked part-time jobs throughout the marriage while also having our three children who I was the primary caregiver to. I obtained a GED, however never received any professional training or degrees. With his salary, housing, medical and many more benefits he makes $70K plus per year. I believe I am entitled to spousal support, but the judge did not order any. I am currently living below poverty level and at some times have been homeless due to my lack of resources. How do I get spousal support?

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If you did not ask for it before the divorce was finalized, you most likely have waived the right to spousal maintenance. You should consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible to discuss this.

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You may be able to set aside the default and address the support issue if you have a good reason for defaulting.

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