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How do I get someone removed from my house who won't leave?

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Person does not pay rent or any bills. Was Daughter's boyfriend. Asked to leave but refuses.

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You may have to evict him.

Notice of termination (likely 30 days), if he refuses, suit for unlawful detainer (UD) (eviction) in court. The sheriff's will drag him out eventually. You don't need a lawyer, the court clerks can tell you what forms to fill out and the website for your county court likely has a description of the process. From beginning to end it could take anywhere from 4-8 weeks

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In order to evict him we have to first see if his name is actually on the lease. If his name is not on the lease it will be a lot easier to kick him out to the extent that he most likely does not have the right to be on your property.

However, if he you do have a lease with him. You should first send him a letter to vacate the property. It is common to give at least 30 days for him to get out. List the reasons for his eviction in the letter (e.i. failure to pay rent...etc...). Make sure it's certified. Then you would need to file for an eviction.

Whatever you do, do not kick him out on your own. Pennsylvania does not like self-help. You could face serious legal consequences.

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