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How do I get Section 8 to pay my Landlord the back payment for my rent they owe for a 1 and 2 months?

Chicago, IL |

I had a Landlady that didn't do any repairs to the property, she stored her mothers things in the basement and she was responsible for the water bill that kept getting cut off and the house went into foreclosure I complained to section 8 for 2 1/2 years and nothing so I got my moving papers and moved legally through the section 8 program and during the move the unit was broken into twice. I got police reports I got a copy and gave the original to the Landlady along with her keys. It was 3 days later when the landlady decided to got back in the unit and someone had broken back in and trashed the place. all my things were gone she took pictures of her mothers things and said I had left these things in her unit and I was terminated I won my case and was reinstated they won't back date my pay?

They won't back pay my landlord for the 1 1/2 back pay they should pay him since I was wrongly terminated from the program.

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I recommend contacting the Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago about this issue. They are the experts in this area on subsidized housing.

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