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How do I get rid of points taken on my license after a speeding ticket?

Flushing, MI |

recently I received a speeding ticket for ten over, this is my first offence ever, and I would like to know how to get rid of points being taken.

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It would be a good idea to talk with an attorney in the area where you got the ticket. Sometimes an agreement can be worked out so that you pay a fine, but it is for a violation that doesn't go onto your driving record, or at least the points don't go on your record. Several factors are involved. Although this might be something you could achieve on your own, the likelihood of success increases considerably with an attorney involved. Frank B. Ford 313-565-9289 or 313-486-9272

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Hire an attorney who can try to get it reduced to a 0 pt offense that isn't reported (ie, impeding traffic or double parking). Shouldn't cost too much vut whatever you spend on an attorney, you'll save on insurance premiums.


Schedule the ticket for a hearing and hire an attorney to negotiate it to a 0 point ticket.


An Attorney may be able to get this knocked down to something like an impeding traffic, which is simply a civil fine and no points on your license. However, because this is your first traffic offense, if you can not get it reduced to an impeding traffic you may be able to take the Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course. This is a course you take online, and if you complete it, the 2 points from going 10 over will not appear on your record. If the Attorney can get it reduced to an impeding traffic it will be better because you can save your Michigan Basic Driver Improvement Course for the future if needed. The Secretary or State will send you information after you plead guilty to the traffic ticket. They will send you a letter telling you about the course after they receive notice of your traffic conviction. But try to get it lowered to something like an impeding traffic so you can simply pay the fine and get out of there with no points on your record. Something this is hard to negotiate without a lawyer.